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dismantling joint has a higher tensile and compressive strength


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dismantling jointshave a higher tensile and compressive strength, and it 's soft seal superior performance, easy handling and other functions , is widely used in metallurgy, electric power, chemical , water and sewage treatment and other industries , acting on the valve and pump the connection between the pipes .

1, can be axial displacement :

With axial compression or tension ; displacement volume, can eliminate the pipeline due to seasonal changes or through media ( such as hot water , steam ) produced by different thermal expansion and contraction stress . Protective equipment, valves , instrumentation and piping .

2, the circumferential displacement :

Expansion joints may be deflected in any direction to the surrounding dislocation pipe installation when solving different heart problems , prevention of damage to foundation settlement .

3 , easy installation and maintenance :

rubber expansion joints for pipe and pipe valves , meters and other connections , making removal extremely easy installation and maintenance . Avoid cutting welding and easily flare up of interference . Flange flexible rotation.

4 , safe and reliable :

Special design and manufacture of reinforced expansion joints and bolts plus a fixed limit .

Meanwhile, the dismantling jointproducts in the pipeline running to the displacement of more than a certain role in the operation of pipelines due to thermal expansion and contraction , crustal subsidence and forces have an important role in the expansion compensator . The product through the power transmission bolts can start the pump when the blind thrust transmitted to the pump and piping parts , avoiding the thrust focused on pipe or pump proximal corner , the occurrence of impact damage equipment, pipelines running plays telescopic compensation displacements

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