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Dispelling the Truths & Myths of ATP Testing and Why 2nd Generation ATP Works

Courtesy of LuminUltra Technologies Ltd.

The MYTHS of ATP Testing 

“I already measure for microorganisms.  I don’t need an ATP test.” 

  • ATP monitoring fills an ADDIITONAL need – the total microbial population directly relates to required biocide. 
  • No other microbiological test method provides this information in such a short amount of time or in such an easy-to-use format.

“We don’t profit off the use of test kits”  

  • This is true but should never be the direct objective.  Microbiological tests are a means to an end, and must be rolled out effectively to gain maximum utility and value!

 “ATP does not correlate with culture tests.” 

  • This is a true statement in many cases, but it does not invalidate the usefulness of ATP
  • ATP measures the total population, regardless of state, nature, and type. 
  • Culture tests measure only presently-viable organisms that can grow in the environment provided and see single organisms the same as clumps. 
  • With all this said, 2nd Generation ATP test kits correlate much better with plate counts as compare to 1st Generation techniques.  

The TRUTHS about ATP Testing 

“With a properly-designed ATP test, total microbial load is measured.” 

  • Plate counts will typically underestimate or completely miss troublemakers (e.g. biofilmforming organisms).
  • Deposit control programs target the total microbiological population.  Therefore, a measure of the total population provides confirmation of effective treatment.
  • This information is useful for all biocides, whether the residual can be measured or not. 

“With ATP tests, feedback is nearly real-time.” 

  • Culture-based tests provide results within days of initial preparation. 
  • ATP measurements provide results in minutes. 
  • This opens up a whole new world of flexibility since microbiological surveys can be completed within hours.  Problems can be detected or confirmed quickly so that they can be dealt with immediately rather than waiting several days for culture test results to be known.

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