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Distillation Process Can Yield Zero Liquid Discharge System

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Many industrial applications produce liquid waste as a by-product of their process. As environmental regulations governing the disposal of industrial wastewater become more stringent, it's imperative that innovative wastewater treatment solutions are used to treat this waste and minimize the environmental impact of disposal.

While numerous technologies exist to treat industrial wastewater, Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD), a relatively new 'system' approach, is gaining momentum in industrial markets. As its name implies, ZLD is a process involving the reduction to zero of the water that is discharged, resulting in the separation of waste from the wastewater and allowing the treated water to be recycled/reused in the industrial process.

This approach reduces the environmental and financial impact of discharging industrial wastewater since only the waste, usually in solid form, needs to be hauled off site instead of the larger volumes typically associated with a liquid wastewater stream.

When applying a ZLD approach in a power plant application, multi-staged, full distillation, vacuum technology evaporation equipment can be combined with salt-crystallizing spray dryers to recycle process waste from various water contaminating processes (e.g., ion exchange membrane regeneration water from boiler feed water systems).

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