Diversity Initiatives at a Consulting Company

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Diversity is an extremely hot topic today, and with good reason. A tremendous number of articles on industry initiatives, court cases, and human-interest stories are appearing in newspapers, business journals, and on the Internet. It is clear that the American people, businesses and consumers alike, are demanding diversity and minority opportunity in America’s workplace. WESTONâ recognizes the importance of a diverse workforce. Aside from the benefits that diversity provides to the company, it is a requirement for entering into many of our business contracts and helps to build healthy long-term relationships with our clients. To support our diversity initiative, WESTON established the Diversity Forum to address the challenges that we face.
The Diversity Forum is in the process of developing ideas and approaches to increasing diversity in our workplace. We have various active subcommittees involved in barrier busting” and recruitment. We are seeking input from our employees regarding barriers they encounter in the workplace so that we can obtain a balanced perspective. We are prioritizing those barriers we have identified and developing methods to lessen or eliminate them in entry- level through management positions. We have adopted flexible work time policies and are continuing to look for ways to increase dive rsity and minority opportunity.

This ongoing process continues to unfold discoveries and realizations that will ultimately lead to improvements. We would like the opportunity to share our experiences, including our successful and not-so-successful stories, with the hope that our experiences will help others in their quest for a diverse, harmonious, and profitable business in this new millennium.

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