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DIY Cleanup of Residential Oil Spill in NY


Courtesy of Sarva Bio Remed, LLC

Just before Christmas of 2006, a home owner in New York found a heating oil spill on his hand and since it was not a very major oil spill, he decided to do his own Do-It-Yourself spill cleanup. The spill had reached a very large area in the basement and it was producing copious fumes and he had to use blowers and fans to get rid of the strong odor. Next thing he did was to surf the web and search for a working solution and he contacted us telling us that he would like to pick up 1 gallon of VaporRemed and that he is driving down and requested us to meet him at the nearest point near the freeway. He sent us photographs to give us an idea of the situation. He used VaporRemed and not only the odor was gone almost immediately he did not have to worry about any residual later on and has no complaint even to date. If the action is immediate the costs are lower as can be seen in the case of this resourceful home owner.

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