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DLT 2.0 differential level transmitter open letter from a Greyline customer - Case Study


Courtesy of Greyline Instruments Inc.

The Process:

The Municipality of the District of Lunenburg in Whynott's Settlement, Nova Scotia added a septage receiving station to their landfill site. Part of the treatment train is a chlorinated duplex vertical turbine pump station delivering effluent from the sludge processing facility to a field of spray nozzles for dispersion. The pump station has two points of discharge and the twin vertical turbines are operated via VFD control. The station is active only during select times of the day. To deal with high flows during pump off times an overflow to a holding pond accommodates elevated levels of incoming effluent.

The Problem:

Control devices were required for the following: VFD pump control, flow measurement to the holding pond via a V-notch weir and pump station level all in one chamber. The output from the flow device needed to be added to that of an inline magnetic flow meter for accurate chlorination rates for the total flow of the two discharges. One discharge being the vertical turbines the other the overflow. At one point we were looking at three individual instruments to fully accommodate our needs.

The Solution:

Having previous experience with the Greyline product line and knowing their reliability I inquired as to a possible solution for the application. Greyline was able to solve our problem in a single meter, the DLT 2.0 with two PZ15 sensors. The result was one single box on the wall that was able to alternate the display between level and overflow rates, provide 4- 20mA signals to accurately control the vertical turbines as well as our chlorination and monitor flow over the V-notch weir with substantial cost saving for our client. The interface on DLT 2.0 was simplistic and extremely easy to navigate compared to others on the market and allows me comfort that the operator will have no issues making changes if necessary. This is a powerful instrument that simplifies complex applications in a single analytical package.

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