DNAPL removal action alameda navy base, Alameda California

Courtesy of TRS Group, Inc.

TRS Group, Inc (TRS), as a subcontractor to Shaw Environmental & Infrastructure, provided a Six Phase Heating
(SPH) remediation of Plume 4-2 at the Alameda Navy Base. Plume 4-2 soil and groundwater has been impacted by a
DNAPL consisting of vinyl chloride, DCA, DCE, TCA, TCE, and PCE. Also present were the daughter products of these
compounds. At the Alameda Navy Base, these contaminants are referred to as Screening Analytes (SA’s). The remedial goal for this project was to remove all DNAPL and to reduce the groundwater concentrations of total SA’s within the 10,000 μg/l SA contour, shown in Figure 1 (back), to below 10,000 μg/l.

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