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Do Not Make Ozone Generator Decision Until You Read This!

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Secrets - Most Ozone Generator Manufacturers Do Not Want YOU To Know.

Here is something that is going to shock you a bit. A few weeks ago, I received a call from Bob, an engineer responsible for water treatment and disinfection at a large industrial plant. He was horrified, as he had just purchased two 60 g/h ozone generators for $15,000 from a ozone generator manufacturer and they did not work. 

He had done everything he was advised to do by the manufacturer’s application specialist, but after running his system for more than an hour, he was absolutely shocked when he found out that he had only 4 grams of ozone dissolved in water out of 120 gramm produced. 

I had told Bob, that it is not his fault and there is nothing wrong with his system. The problem is with his ozone generators, which although producing a respectful amount of ozone, had such a low ozone concentration level that they were not suitable for water treatment. 

I had revealed to Bob a connection between ozone concentrations and amount of dissolved ozone in water. 

We had replaced his two 60 g/h ozone generators with one high concentration 30 g/h generator on my advice, to illustrate the point. His system had successfully dissolved 16 g of ozone into the water - 4 times more ozone for a quarter of the price!

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