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Do’s and Don’ts of Car Pressure Wash Systems

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Car pressure washers are widely used in the auto detailing industry these days. Many years ago, power washers were considered unsuitable for cleaning automobiles. The reason for this was the high output pressure of these machines, which could damage the paint of the automobiles.

The output pressure of a pressure washing machine ranges up to 8000 psi, depending upon the model. Such a high output pressure is not required for cleaning vehicles. In fact, if such machines are used as car pressure washers, vehicle surfaces will get damaged.

There are many such things that you have to take care of when using car pressure washers. The do’s and don’ts of these machines are as follows:

Output power
Do not use a machine having an output pressure level of more than 1500 psi. Always ensure that the pressure level of car pressure washers stay below this limit. Even a machine with a modest output pressure level of 1000 psi would be a good bet.

Flow rate
A machine with a high flow rate should definitely be avoided. For normal pressure washing applications, there is no need to keep any limit on flow rate. However, cleaning automobiles is different than other cleaning tasks.

For instance, a vehicle has various kinds of surfaces, ranging from the hard engine parts to the soft carpets and seat upholstery. The vehicle surfaces have to be dried quickly, so that the vehicle can be used again without much delay.

If the machine has a high flow rate, more quantity of water will be transferred to the surface, which in turn means the surfaces will take a long time to dry. The reverse happens, if car pressure washers with low flow rate are used.

Never use a machine with a high flow rate for car detailing.

Output temperature
Heated power washers or steam car wash machines are ideal machines for car detailing. The heated output not just ensures that the surfaces are cleaned well, though makes sure that the surfaces dry as quickly as possible. There are machines available on the market that offer an output steam temperature of 250°F, which is ideal for car cleaning. So, using steam car wash machines is an advantage for cleaning vehicles.

Portable machines
Using a portable car pressure wash machine is another big plus point for any cleaning business. It allows them to offer a better service to the customers. They can take the portable car wash machines to the door step or garage of the customer and provide them washing service then and there.

There are two kinds of mobile car wash equipment, wheel-attached machines and truck mountable machines. Both these mobile car wash machines are ideal choices. Some of the auto detailing equipment can be used as both wheeled and truck-mountable machines.

The speed of cleaning and quality of service are important factors for the success of door-to-door cleaning service. Choosing the right auto detailing equipment plays a big role in ensuring the best quality of service.

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