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Do you comply with the 5ppm requirements on oily water outlet?

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There are high costs associated with processing and handling of Bilge Water and both environment and engine crew, suffers because of contaminated bilge water.

It is a well known problem that it is difficult to comply with requirements of 15 ppm (not talking about 5 ppm) for bilge water outlet from engine rooms on ships. Not allocation to the approved OWS equipment can not meet the requirements, but due to bilge water often contains large quantities of oil.  So much that the OWS equipment has difficult´is to function satisfactory. It gives a lot of work to maintain OWS equipped for that to work satisfactory, much to the frustration at the engine crew.

It was also those frustrations that triggers engineer Kaj Joensen, to find a solution to this well known problem. And he succeeded, and obtained a patent for his invention. Empirical data shows that the average ppm value after the OWS, is 2-4ppm.

The equipment is installed aboard various types of ships, world wide.

We custom design each system. The oil conveyor system can f.example be placed inside the clean bilge tank or in the keel. 

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