Do you have A.D.D or a PMO?


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As the pace of business becomes more frenetic and as staff and management are bombarded with conflicting requests for their time on an increasing number of urgent tasks and overlapping business change projects, their to-do lists get too cluttered and productivity drops dramatically. Like hyperactive children suffering Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), our channelhopping across too many tasks leads to a lack of ability to focus on getting any one job done. This can increase stress levels at work and decrease moral to debilitating levels.  

Recent brain research in the area of cognitive dynamics is shedding new light on how we how we might change some of these ingrained habits to regain “Attention Density”. As we strive to change people and processes in our evolving organisations to take advantage of new business opportunities, we often fail to invest in training our talented staff in new ways to keep focus and gain traction in the execution of their tasks.

Also, where companies have a large portfolio of active projects requiring time-slices from the same shared pool of people-resources, few would realise the potential negative impact on business throughput and project failure that can occur without the support of a formally established Project Management Office (PMO).

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