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Do You Need a Mobile Pressure Washer for Your Car Wash Business?


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Car wash business owners are often caught in a dilemma when they have to decide whether they need a mobile or stationary pressure washer for their car wash business. To purchase the right pressure cleaner for maintaining car exteriors, you should consider the requirements of your business. If you own a mobile car wash business, you will need to transport your equipment to different client sites and you will require a portable pressure washer. If you own a fixed location car detailing business, you can use both stationary and mobile pressure washers. Some stationary pressure cleaners remain on the spot while others have a wheeled configuration that allows limited movement within a commercial location.

Mobile pressure washing systems can be transported to different parts of the city over long distances. They can be easily mounted on trailers and that is one of the biggest advantages of using a mobile power wash machine for cleaning cars. These machines are used by contractors for other commercial applications as well. There are other factors you should keep in mind, when purchasing equipment for cleaning cars.

Flow Rate
Car cleaning machines should have low flow rates, due to drainage issues. Using equipment with low flow water usage is a greener way of maintaining vehicles.

Most car wash business contractors use machines with flow rates of 2.5 gpm or less. Machines with extremely low flow rates of 0.5 gpm are also available from reputed suppliers.

Temperature Level
The best mobile car wash pressure cleaner machines require temperatures as high as 330°F to remove bugs, bird droppings, and grease from car exterior surfaces. The engine, for example, is often very dirty due to the accumulation of grease and carbon black. Using hot water makes the removal of grease easier because high temperatures melt grease.

Car wash equipment feature three temperature settings; steam, hot water, and cold water. The advantage of using heated car wash equipment is that you can switch to using cold water when you do not need hot water for cleaning. For example, if you are not dealing with high levels of grease, you can use water at normal temperatures for cleaning purposes. This saves power and helps you make the process more productive.

The type of power method the machine uses is also important when selecting auto detailing machines. Most car detailing machines are powered by electricity, because electricity is easily available. However, a mobile car wash business might prefer investing in non-electric machines for outdoor cleaning. Non-electric machines are powered by gasoline, diesel, or propane. When using auto detailing machines that are not powered by electricity, ensure that you use a long hose to clean indoor areas, so that exhaust does not accumulate indoors.

Car detailing machines have many applications apart from washing car exteriors. Do a thorough research and buy the machine according to your cleaning requirement.

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