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Do you need a storage tank? W-Tank® makes it easy


Courtesy of Toro Equipment S.L.

Toro Equipment launches a new video-manual to W-Tank® installation

After several requests of our clients, we have taken a next step to make easier the installation of the W-Tank®. We have decided to elaborate a video-manual that explain step by step the assembly of W-Tank® Digesters, Storage & Settling tanks. If you have ever wondered how a storage tank can be assembled quickly and in a simple way, in these videos you now have the answer.

This video-manual describe the whole process of W-Tank® assembly in detail. From the unloading of the plates to the waterproofing of the storage tank inner perimeter. Every step, one by one, described in one-minute videos. A dozen of quicktime videos to make easier the installation of this storage tank manufactured in GRP.

All videos are available in YouTube and every one has a link to the next video at the end of each one. In addition, in the description you can find the links to different steps of assembly and some relatednews and videos.

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