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Do you need to measure air flow?


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Look no further.
This hot wire thermo-anemometer is ideal for low air velocity, volume, and temperature measurement. If your desired application involves ventilation surveying, the maintenance of air conditioning systems, or environmental monitoring, this product will meet your requirements and more.

Record your measurements on a slim plug-in telescopic probe and download the data in real-time to a PC or Laptop computer via the supplied USB connection cable. The data can then be viewed as a line listing or graph, and attached to important emails or reports.

“This is a great instrument, really easy to use and with the convenience of the probe a versatile instrument. I would recommend this anemometer to anyone needing to measure airflow.”- Ian Geoghegan, Drew and Co Electrical Contractors Limited.

The anemometer measures

  • Air velocity in m/s, ft/min, km/h, knots, or mph.
  • Air volume in m3/min or f3/min,
  • Air temperature in °C or °F.

These real-time measurements are clearly visible at all times on a 58mm Hi-Contrast LCD display, which has a backlight for work in low light environments.

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