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Do you need to monitor temperature and humidity in controlled environments?


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Look no further.
This compact and easy-to-use instrument is ideal for constant monitoring of temperature and humidity measurements in environments where a record of data for traceability is required. It is ideal for use in medical product storage facilities, warehousing and distribution, containers, industrial processes, laboratory environments, museums, and classrooms.

With a capacity of over 16,000 readings, the instrument measures the environment in %RH, °C, and °F, and allows the user to select the logging frequency, start time, and set alarm limits. Once an alarm limit has been exceeded, a red LED light will turn on. There is a green LED light for logging confirmation. The large 25mm LCD display gives clear indications of date and time, current readings, min and max values, and memory full / low battery icons.

Download of logged data is easy. Just connect the USB cable to the instrument and computer, open the software program and click download. The data can then be reviewed on graphical displays showcasing the total readings logged, a zoom facility for individual readings, and a visual indication of alarm level ingression at specific points in time. All data can be saved as separate files and attached to emails or reports. It can also be printed.

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