DOC Removal by MIEX® Process - Scaling-Up & Other Development Issues


Natural organic matter (NOM) is one of the main parameters which affects water quality and performance of water treatment processes. Current processes including coagulation, oxidation, filtration and adsorption are at times inadequate or uneconomic.

Over the last two years, a consortium consisting of ICI Watercare and the Australian Water Quality Centre has developed a new continuous process to remove dissolved organic carbon (DOC) from a variety of source waters.  Employing a high capacity magnetic ion exchange resin developed by the CSIRO Division of Chemicals and Polymers, the process has progressed through laboratory tests and proving trials with pilot plants of up to 170 Kl/d.  Consistent reductions in DOC levels have been achieved leading to substantial decreases in the required coagulant dose. Additional benefits include reduction in the disinfection byproduct formation potential and lower chlorine/ disinfectant demand.

This paper describes the way the process has been developed through these stages. Particular references will be made to the various methods used to harness the unique characteristics of magnetic ion exchange resins into a highly flexible, continuous process which is capable of delivering consistent treatment performance.


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