Document shredding as an economic mainstay for workshops for the disabled - Case Study


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Secure document shredding

Document shredding is an important economic mainstay for the workshops for disabled persons at Lammetal Werkstätten GmbH. Now the company can continue to expand this service area with a “social commitment” thanks to two high performance shredders from HSM in Frickingen at Lake Constance / Germany.

The Lammetal workshops could be regarded as a medium-sized company, but with one special feature: 450 people work here with physical or mental disabilities or multiple disabilities. They should be allowed to live and work in dignity – this was the inspiration behind the founding of the self-help workshop named Lamspringe GmbH in 1971. They have been operating as Lammetal- Werkstätten Lamspringe GmbH since 1991. The hamlet of Lamspringe in southern Lower Saxony is part of the district of Hildesheim. The people employed here work in different workshops where they assemble all sorts of things, look after the grounds, run a metal workshop, a carpentry workshop and stamp car number plates.

Social commitment

“Work is important for the people here” says Andree Krumsiek, who is responsible for production planning and accounting. It gives structure to their day, as well as meaning. This is another reason why the workshops took on new business areas, such as document shredding and the disposal of of electronic data media. They have now been providing this service for 12 years. Some of their customers include major banks, as well as the district courts, insurance companies and hospitals. The workshops collect the documents to be shredded from within a radius of 70 kilometres.

High-level security

“Document shredding is a matter of trust” says Andree Krumsiek. He demonstrates what that really means with a delivery of documents. A transporter truck (7.5 tons) and the entire loading bay are covered over with a kind of cage. “In effect, none of the documents can get out of here” says Andree Krumsiek. There is also surveillance equipment as well as access barriers. Security is taken very seriously at the workshops. As defi ned by their customers and the German Federal Data Protection Act. The German Federal Data Protection Act stipulates fi ve different levels of security for the area of document shredding. For instance, the meaning of security level 3 is explained by Andree Krumsiek as follows: “If you have 1000 years time to sit in a twelve tonne container, you might be able to piece together a bank statement.”

Important mainstay

Document shredding has now developed into a main pillar. 17 people are employed here. First of all they sort out the files, as Andree Krumsiek calls it. By this he means the separation of all the materials into film, metal parts and paper. He keeps quiet about the quantity. “Company secret”, he says. Obviously it is large enough to make it worth purchasing two high performance shredders from HSM the disposal specialists in Frickingen. The shredder-duo can process up to 800 kilos of documents every hour using the cutting rollers in the shredder - and compress immediately. A baling press turns the shredded paper into bales of 60 kilos. The reason HSM became part of all this is explained by Andree Krumsiek as follows: “HSM belongs to the major players”. And their previous provider did not come up with what they promised. Unlike the disposal specialists from Lake Constance. They invited the workshops to the HSM plant in Frickingen to demonstrate the shredders in question and explained how they worked in detail. HSM is able to do this because the shredders are completely “Made in Germany”. But that's not all. HSM also trains the employees from the workshop in all matters of data protection.

Fluctuating global market prices

The HSM SP 5080 shredder-press combination has been in operation for two years. They keep to everything that was promised in the demonstrations in Frickingen. “They're just great” says Andree Krumsiek. And if there are any problems, HSM technicians are quickly on the scene. However, one problem at the workshop could not be solved by the disposal specialists at HSM. “We sell the recycled paper at market prices” says Andree Krunsiek. Global market prices, to be more exact. And they severely fluctuate from month to month. And as the workshops do not have enough storage space, they cannot speculate on better prices. But Krumsiek remains confident. The workshops have always found a good solution for any challenge.

The facts

The Lammetal-Werkstätten Lamspringe GmbH is not just a regular company, but one with social commitment: the workshops currently employ 450 physically and mentally disabled people in different areas, such as a metal workshop and one that stamps car number plates. The workshops have provided services for shredding documents and disposing of electronic data media since 2006. Some of their customers include banks, district courts, insurance companies and hospitals.

Document shredding is a matter of trust. The requirements of the German Federal Data Protection Law are strict. The workshops need not just separate rooms for document shredding but also machines which shred confidential papers so small that the information is illegible - and stays that way.

Initially, the workshops had a large shredder for document shredding which ran up considerable maintenance and repair costs during operation time. It was the same case for a press container. Since autumn 2010, the workshops have been using two document shredders with downstream baling presses from the HSM disposal technology specialists in Frickingen at Lake Constance. The Lammetal workshops are already thinking of buying a third shredder.


  • High volume: thanks to two shredders, the workshops are able to shred up to 800 kilos of documents every hour.
  • High reliability: the document shredders operate reliably. This is particularly important as the workshops do not have large storage spaces.
  • More flexibility: at the beginning of the year, document shredding is booming because retention periods expire. The workshops can respond to fluctuations in quantity far better.
  • Easier training of new employees: while one shredder operates slowly, the other one runs at full capacity.
  • Fast availability: if problems arise, the HSM technicians are quickly on the scene.
  • Thanks to the compact design, the Lammetal workshops can extend to three shredders.

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