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Dog Food Processor Wastewater Case Study

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Pet Food Industry Wastewater Treatment

Dog Food Processor

A dog food processing facility was using ferric chloride and an anionic polymer to treat their wastewater using an Air Sparged Hydrocyclone (ASH) flotation unit. The treatment was meeting the cities requirement for fats oil and grese of 600 ppm or less, byt they were still paying thousands of dollars per month in surcharges for the high levels of suspended solids and BOD. The sludge generated was foamy and very wet (low solids content) and broke down easily requiring more polymer to stabilize the floc formation.

The Floccin 1105 was tested and it showed increased removal efficiency far superior to the conventional ferric/anionic chemistry. The Floccin 1105 sludge generated was very resilient and 50% drier than the previous sludge. This saves the facility a lot of labor as they do not have to continuously decant the water from the sludge and retreat it through the system before it can be discharged.

Dog Food Processor

Untreated is on the right and treated is on the left.  The large floc easily floats and is skimmed off.  Being drier, less sludge is generated, leading to potentially lower disposal/recycling costs while reclaiming more wastewater for reuse.

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