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Domaine du Lac Cristal Campground, Quebec case study


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Located in the Centre-du-Québec region, the Domaine du Lac Cristal campground was founded in 1970. This family business attracts thousands of visitors each year. With its 540 sites based in an attractive setting (beach, lake, golf course, etc.), the natural environment remains an important aspect to protect.

During the year of 2003, the consulting firm HBA Expert Conseil was mandated to design the plans of the wastewater treatment plant in order to supply the campground. Obviously, the conventional technologies such as a drainfield could not be taken into account because of the important water volume to be treated. Also, a subsequent disposal in a stream without a risk of contamination could not be considered. Following several proposals from different companies specialized in the design of wastewater treatment systems and after many visits of existing sites, the owners fixed their choice on the H2O Innovation’s technology: the BIO-FOSSETM.

The BIO-FOSSETM is a biological fixed growth process treating wastewater and is used after a primary treatment; usually a septic tank. The BIO-FOSSETM includes fine bubble diffusers and a synthetic textile which offer the ideal conditions for the wastewater treatment by micro-organisms.

Treatment Line
The treatment system is equipped with a septic tank installed slightly higher than the aerated regulation tank, followed by two BIO-FOSSETM placed in parallel and a conical settling tank to clarify the water. A sludge withdrawal system by air lift allows the sludge to be sent to the accumulation tank avoiding submerged pumps difficult to maintain. Finally, a tertiary treatment withdraws the phosphorus by coagulationflocculation and a final water disinfection is completed with a UV, before discharging the treated water in a stream nearby.


  • The BIO-FOSSETM treats 125 m3 of water per day
  • The treated water is discharged directly in the stream and is almost free from fecal and total coliforms
  • The system does not require much maintenance (15 minutes per week)
  • The BIO-FOSSETM allows a seasonal or annual operation
  • The flow rate can be increased
  • The water discharged is safe and respects most stringent standards (BOD5< 15 mg/l , TSS< 15 mg/l , Pt< 1 mg/l, Coliforms< 20 UFC/100 ml)


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