Domestic collections complaints management


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This paper will review the way multiple bin-size resident-choice service options per elecoral division are managed by software at Gold Coast City Council. The GCCC model has seen a turn around in the way residential collections are monitored and managed. In this beachside region with a population of some half a million residents, this popular tourist area also supports around 10 million visitors per year and ranges in dwelling styles from high rise appartments and luxury canal-side boat moorings to individual dwellings, flats, multi-residential units and a range of tourist and low cost accommodation. To service these needs there is a wide range of domestic and recycling services that can vary in bin size by ratepayer choice and in service frequency options within any electoral division. GCCC currently has 17 different sizes/types of bins for waste services and 7 different sizes of bins for recycling services. 

Whereas most systems are driven by the contractor invoicing council and resulting in rates reconciliation difficulties, the contractors are paid based on council records. Under this model, the contractors are more proactive in ensuring that council records are up to date for a win win result. 

This makes it critical to manage service type records and change requests at property level a key integrated part of both contractor and council operations, amongst the complexity of damaged or missing bin complaints.

This paper discusses the complexity of service and rate change operations and administration support that has been required while minimising effort required amongst a small waste department. A range of mapping technologies are also used to help review service counts and densities. 

We can also compare this with New Zealand Domestic Direct operations where the contractor is entitled to bill and manage payment from the residents directly.

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