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Don’t Forget about Stormwater Management


Whether you’re an industrial maintenance manager or retail store manager, one of your many responsibilities may be to keep your property compliant with environmental rules and regulations. From waste management to vapor intrusion, the multitude of compliance-related issues can be daunting.

It therefore comes as no surprise that for most retailers, the issue of stormwater management has not always been a top priority and was not addressed as effectively or as early as it should have been.

Now, however, with the recent heavy flooding in the northeast drawing attention to the issue, stormwater management is in the forefront of many retailers’ minds. Add to that the federal and state fines being applied to major retailers for neglecting stormwater issues on their properties and the result is an increased awareness of the need for stormwater management.

Consequently, retail store maintenance managers are paying closer attention to stormwater management and planning more effective management and maintenance programs to avoid fines and improve environmental conditions in their communities.

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