Don´t Let Your Energy Go Up In Smoke

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Courtesy of Dürr MEGTEC, LLC

Competitive pressures and unpredictable energy costs continuously motivate us to examine our processes for opportunities to increase quality and productivity, and to decrease costs. Energy-intensive processes such as those associated with the manufacture of a wide variety of  products utilizing water or VOC-based solvents offer opportunities to reduce operating costs through heat management or control. Convection ovens coupled to thermal oxidizers are a fixture in many of these manufacturing operations. Both ovens and oxidizers heat, circulate, and exhaust large volumes of air. Without proper design or operation, large amounts of costly, usable energy can be carried out the exhaust stack. For both, the goal of process heat management is to minimize the volume and temperature of the exhaust stream. Heat recovery is the process of utilizing the excess heat that is generated but not consumed by a process. This heat may be directed back to the process as “primary” heat recovery, utilized by a related or connected process as “secondary” recovery, provided to an unrelated process, or utilized

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