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Don’t Scrap It, Strip It!


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Do you sell the insulated wires to a salvage yard every time when you have them?If so, you are deserting money for the value of bright copper wire is 4-5 times of insulated wires. Therefore, why do not star your own business with wire stripping machine

Wire stripping machine is used to strip copper wire from insulation in order to recycle the copper scrap. It has excellent performances in many aspects. It can realize the complete separation of copper core and insulation. In the whole process, the wire stripping machine does not produce any environment pollution because it depends on mechanical force to separate them without any water and chemical solution in the production process. 

Amisy, a top manufacturer of copper cable granulator and wire stripping machine, has revolutionized the wire stripping process. If you are the type of person who throws away unused wires because you feel it is not worth the effort, you can have a try of the Amisy machine. All its models are CE certificated and easy-operated. The wire stripping machine of Amisy has many unique features, such as single or three motors to choose from, two or four adjusting handles and simple knife change. All these features make the operation of wire stripping machine easy for you.

Then how to choose the right model matching your business? The wire stripping machines of Amisy have five models, each with 100-300 kg/10H, 150-300 kg/10H, 400-1000 kg/10H, 600-1500kg/10H and 800-2000kg/10H. You can choose the proper model according to your output.

Don’t miss the golden opportunity to make fortune in the copper recycling industry and receive more leads for your business.

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