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Don’t steal our fuel! case study


Courtesy of Solid Applied Technologies Ltd. (SolidAT)

SOLID introduces a sophisticated fuel tank monitoring solution for remote electrical generators at distant and isolated sites such as cellular hubs. Monitoring and control operations are enabled as a combination of level measurement, web technology and cellular communications.

Veolia and F.K. Generators Ltd, specializing in diesel generators, have chosen our solution for control and monitoring of generators at their remote sites in order to reduce the mains electrical power consumption during highly demanding seasons.

The challenges

Veolia and F.K. generators sought a solution to operate, control and monitor remote generator sites where fuel tanks are unattended. They requested a solution for continuously monitoring fuel consumption. Prior to our solution, both companies operated dozens of remote sites simultaneously, maintaining costly and complex on-site logistics. Both companies requested a cost effective solution.

The Solution

Solid integrated its highly effective ultrasonic fuel level meter – the MonoScan - with a controller of a solution partner. The controller can monitor the complete generator environment. The controller is power fed from the mains power supply, interfaces the generator control panel through Modbus protocol and the MonoScan via 4-20mA protocol. The controller communicates with the central management software via SMS/ GPRS/IP.


A unique monitoring solution for remote sites is now available from Solid. By leveraging ubiquitous GSM networks, Solid, with its partners, can provide real time fuel tank monitoring as a tool for preventing theft, detecting leaks, allowing on-time maintenance and reducing down‐time costs. By doing all that, we have dramatically reduced operational and life cycle costs for our customers.

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