Dorton College Royal London Society for the Blind case study


Courtesy of iESCo

About Dorton College
Founded in 1838, the Royal London Society for the Blind (RLSB) has a long and distinguished history in helping blind and partially sighted people to achieve their goals in education, training and employment. RLSB's Dorton College of Further Education supports their mission to removing barriers to personal fulfilment and social inclusion by providing a complete educational experience for students.

How powerPerfector were able to help Dorton College
With the annual electricity consumption details for Dorton College, it was possible to give a provisional quote for a powerPerfector unit and the energy savings that would be expected. A voltage logger was then sent for one week, which recorded the voltage level in the building by connecting to it in to a regular mains socket. After a survey of the site by a powerPerfector Approved Contractor, the installation took place. The installation was completed on a weekend when there would be no disturbance to the building. After the installation electricity consumption was analysed to find a reduction of 10.7 - 13.2%, equating to annual carbon dioxide emissions saving of 54,000kg.

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