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Dose metrics assessment for differently shaped and sized metal‐based nanoparticles

The mean primary diameter (d) of nanoparticles (NPs) is commonly used as the best basis to assess the dose metric for expressing the toxicity of spherical NPs. However, d bears no relevance for non‐spherical NPs. In this study, the mean surface area to volume ratio (SA/V), applicable to both spherical and non‐spherical NPs, was used to replace d given the aim of obtaining the best dose metric (volume, surface area or number) of differently shaped metallic NPs in vivo (nine organisms) and in vitro (six mammalian cell lines). The slope of the curves obtained by relating the total particle number of NPs at various effect concentrations to SA/V, was subsequently used to deduce the best dose metric. For the majority of the organisms studied, it was found that NP volume is the most appropriate dose metric, independent of the composition of the nanoparticles tested. For three organisms exposed to Ag NPs, however, surface area was found to be the best dose metric. It is therefore concluded that the optimum dose metric depends on organism and nanoparticle properties. This article is protected by copyright. All rights reserved

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