Downflow filtration technology keeps contaminants at bay

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Courtesy of Lumpkin, GA

Just south of present day Lumpkin, GA, you can visit a reconstructed community from the 1850s and experience a taste of everyday life from that time period. In dramatic contrast, you will also find one of the water and wastewater industry’s most advanced filtration technologies in this same area. This technology was installed specifically to protect the Lumpkin area from the damaging effects of phosphorus-laden wastewater.

In June 2005, the Lumpkin Wastewater Treatment Facility installed continuous operation, downflow-design sand filter technology developed by Ashbrook Simon-Hartley. The new system helps the Lumpkin facility meet or exceed the requirements for effluent established by the State of Georgia (including possible new limits of 0.13 mg/L phosphorus, at some point in the future).

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