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Dr Abe Beagles White Paper on Galamsey Mining in Ghana


Dr Abe Beagles White Paper on Reclaiming Galamsey Mined Lands in Ghana, has come about because of the devistation that has occured in Ghana in West Africa and all over the areas that have been mined by unknowing or uncaring companies and individuals who came to West Africa for the vast riches in Gold and other minerals over the past 13 to 15 years.  

However, in 2011 the government stopped all mining and deported the illegal miners back to their country.  This left more than 30,000 illegal mining concessions un-reclaimed that has proven to be a hazard from the Mercury that was left in the ground from the recovery of the gold to the open tailings ponds that are a breeding ground for Mosquitos and other flying insects that must have water to breed.  The ponds are a hazard to children in the villages and the drinking water has been affected in the worst possible way.  

I took it upon myself to start an NGO to reclaim these lands and put them back the way Mother Nature had done millions of years ago.  In doing this I will leave orchards of income producing trees that will produce not only food but an income for the villagers through a joint venture with my lands management company for years to come.

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