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Dragflow chooses to soften the environmental impact with advanced technologies for dredging optimization and naturalistic protection.

High performances imply  a specific attention towards ecosystems where the operations are carried, since they often are fragile and easy to jeopardize. That’s why Dragflow conceived technical solutions like the anti-turbidity bell: designed to preserve marine ecosystems close to harbors where dredging operations are performed. During these operations the environment could be compromised because of toxic substances, like metals, oil, nutrients, bacteria, chemical products and other substances presents on high level on marine sediments, capable to contaminate the sea life.

The anti-turbidity bell, once applied to a dredging pump, limits the turbidity effects to the aspiration area without any effect on the operation performances.
This solution has been successfully applied to a dredge for the excavation in one of the main touristic, industrial and commercial ports of the Adriatic Sea: the port of Brindisi, located in one the most environmentally rich ecosystems of the Mediterranean Sea.

Another Dragflow strong point to reduce the environmental impact is the submerged pump technology: thanks to a solid concentrations by volume up to 20% superior to average suction pumps,  Dragflow optimizes the power needed for material transportation. This solution means smaller engines to obtain same production levels, with less fuel consumption and less water to be used in dredging operations.

Some case histories and feedbacks:

PLACE: Jordan and Italy
YEAR: 2009

Dredge with HY85/160

Jordan: Full optional dredge with HY85/160 hydraulic pump and excavators
Italy: Dredge with hydraulic arm, HY85/160 pump with Jet-Ring and anti-turbity bell.

The dredge is equipped with a dredging monitoring system.

PLACE: Georgia
YEAR: 2011

The project aims to widen a commercial port in Georgia and cleaning the access canal.

Using a very versatile dredge capable of working till to 15 m. deep with unloading distances comprised between 200 and 600 m.

Dragflow DRH85/160E22DF: a full optional dredge with two pumps. The first pump mounted on the dredge for working on the central area of the new port and another installed on an excavator for working on the coastline on the same time.

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