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Drainagec composites for landfill capping with Terram 1B1


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Project: landfill site at Blankenberg, County Parchim, approximately 52,000m2 - TLRRAM I BI drainage composite.

The Problem
The Blankenberg landfill site has been used For decades for the disposal of residential and similar waste. As the active filling phase is over, the site is now going to be temporarily sealed. Because of the topography of the region, the area to be covered has a slight batter combined with a considerable length of slope. The drainage of surface water from the capping layer, therefore, requires a calculable and reliable surface water drainage system. In addition, the drainage layer to be selected has to be easily recoverable and to allow penetration of the components of the gas containment.

The Solution
The Terrum drainage composite TERRAM I B I offers a solution meeting all requirements. With its firm extruded drainage core consisting of HDPE grid, it drains oil surface water safely and reliably. Calculatory demonstrations clearly show that the

TERRAM 1B1 drainage composite complies with the water discharge capacity required. The necessary safety could also be proven for low batters and slope lengths of 100 metres. If the site is subsequently permanently sealed, there will still be sufficient reserves for the required water drainage capacities.

A particular constructional advantage is the easy installation of the TERRAM drainage composite. The rolls can be cut to suitably sized pieces with a knife to match local conditions. This will also facilitate any subsequent removal of temporary surface sealings. The TERRAM IB1 drainage composite can easily be recovered and recycled by environmentally friendly means.

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