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Dredging the Hunsingo canal with Geotube - Case Study


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The Challenge

The Hunsingo canal is situated in the northern part of Holland in the province Groningen. The canal had to be dredged because the water depth was not sufficient for the ships coming through and the regulations with regard to the water-balance in the region.

A part of the canal is flowing through the centres of two village's, Zoutkamp and Ulrum. In these areas there was no space to contain the sediments to be dredged. The contaminated sediments in these specific area's had to be removed in a careful way to prevent contact of sediment with the surrounding land used by potato farmers. In this area there is a chance on brown rot (Pseudomonas solanacearum) which can be caused by bacteria's within the sludge.

The Solution

After a thorough investigation of the sludge byTauw Assen and the opportunity with Geotube the decision was made for Geotube. After a tender procedure, the company Vis Baggerwerken, won the contract.

In total the project was dredged with use of 13 Geotube systems with dimensions of 50 meter length and a circumference of 18,3 meter. Dewatering of the sediments will take place in the basin. After several times of filling and dewatering of Geotube® systems, the consolidation of the sediments reaches its final stage (60-65% dry solids).

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