Automatic Flare Systems Limited (AFS)

Drehid waste management facility, Kildare, Ireland


Courtesy of Automatic Flare Systems Limited (AFS)

AFS were appointed as the contractor to design, build and install a gas booster flaring system capable of power generation and gas control on a new waste management facility in Co. Kildare.

The flaring system:

  • has the facility to install additional gas scrubbing and filtration equipment at a later date if required.
  • meets all of the EPA requirements for landfill gas flaring systems.
  • can be upgraded from its current 500m3/hr capacity to 2000m3/hr by installing an additional chimney. This additional chimney will be required in 2-3 years time at the current rate of waste inputs.

The requirement was that the site operator would only need to purchase one flare for the full life-cycle of the site. With careful analysis, AFS were able to forecast the gas generation of the site for the next 20 years.

Having calculated the projected gas generation of the site, we specified our gas booster flaring system as the most suitable for the life-cycle of the site. The current flare has a capacity of 500m3/hr, which will increase to a capacity of 2000m3/hr following the specified upgrade of an additional chimney.

The flare has been designed with power generation in mind and is fitted with a two stage, 2000m3/hr gas booster, along with all the required control systems and equipment to facilitate the generation of power from landfill gas.

The flare is also fitted with a Siemens SCADA system (for on-site and remote monitoring), a data logger and SMS text messaging system.

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