Drilling decanter centrifuge business in America


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KOSUN, as a professional oilfield solid control equipment manufacturer, has a pleasure of offering you drilling mud cleaners at reasonable prices. It also gives waste management equipment, such as vertical centrifuge, high G dryer and screw pump.

A decanter centrifuge can make drilling cuttings or solids in suspension against the wall of the container. KOSUN oilfield decanter centrifuge can be used in many conditions, and could have good performance. KOSUN DC series decanter centrifuge is set with durable components, anti-explosive electric boxes and patented bearings.

With the purification of drilling mud decanter centrifuge, drilling fluids can be made to reach the optimal level so as to be good to the drilling projects. KOSUN drilling decanter centrifuge sale is available in globe. Recently, many American clients are very interested in the deal. Actually, KOSUN solids control equipment business is welcomed. For more information, welcome to contact us anytime!

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