Drilling Mud in Horizontal Directional Crossing Project


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Horizontal Directional Crossing Project has a not long development in the country and even the world. But in recent years, pipeline horizontal directional crossing has been great development, large-scale construction of oil and gas pipelines across the length and across the diameter of the continuous creation of new records. In horizontal directional crossing project, the drilling mud play a very important role, it will directly effect the decision directed through the project.

The high performance of drilling mud in Horizontal Directional Crossing Project

Drilling mud is a very important factor in Horizontal Directional Crossing Project. Drilling mud is generally composed of water , drilling mud additives such as bentonite and dubbed. Drilling mud composition ratio needs to be appropriately adjusted according to the actual situation across the project. If the complex geological conditions , through the larger diameter and length of the drilling mud performance requirements is relatively high , corresponding to take different measures to ensure that the Horizontal Directional Crossing Project was successful.

1. Drilling mud should have the appropriate viscosity and fluidity, stronger ability to carry cuttings to make cuttings in suspension in the bottom of the hole , the flow of drilling mud through the drill cuttings can successfully return to the ground .

2. Drilling mud retaining wall should have a relatively strong effect, can improve the stability of the borehole wall , especially for large diameter is easy to collapse formation , but also because such .

3 .Drilling mud should have a strong lubrication, the return line to provide effective lubrication drag effect , particularly through the length of the longer , adding a lubricant to reduce the coefficient of friction can be reduced back to the drag force of the pipeline.

4 Crossing through different strata and across different stages of construction , adjustment of pressure and flow of drilling mud , through the construction to meet the needs .

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