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Drinking Water in China: A Large Untapped Market

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The drinking water market in China is growing and changing the ways Chinese consumers access clean drinking water. Failed by municipal answers thus far, many Chinese are now actively solving their drinking water problems independently rather than wait any longer for improvements in municipal water supply.

This has led to an exponential rise in demand for residential water treatment devices. Companies from all over the globe are now flocking to supply China’s increasingly affluent urban and rural populace with clean drinking water solutions.

3 primary growth drivers

We identified 3 primary reasons to summarise why the market for clean drinking water in China, with a focus on residential water treatment devices, is seeing such significant growth. These are as follows:

  • High levels of pollution with no short or mid-term solution 
  • A population that is increasingly educated and aware with regard to health and water-related issues 
  • Continually rising living standards and income levels 

With 19% of the world population but only 7% of global fresh water resources, China is facing huge challenges in sustaining economic growth whilst at the same meeting its population’s rising demands for a clean and healthy supply of tap water. Due to continuing population and economic growth, demand for drinking water is rising whilst the overall water supply has fallen significantly by 12.7% since 2000.

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