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Drinking Water Resource Protection, Germany


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Reference Project: Drinking Water Resource Protection, Germany

In the catchment area of a major drinking water supplier in western Germany increasing nitrate concentrations were noticed within a deep water-bearing layer. Although high nitrate concentrations, resulting from regional intensive application of fertilizers, were known from shallow layers in the area, they were new to the deep water-bearing layer.

An evaluation of the existing data by ribeka, using the ground water monitoring software GW-Base®, resulted in the quick identification of the source of the high nitrate concentrations within the deep waterbearing layer. Thereafter a ground water model was calculated in order to gain a better understanding of the local hydrogeological system. By readjusting the extraction rates of the wells within the catchment the input of nitrate into the deep layer was strongly reduced. ribeka continues to intensely monitor the ground water within the project area, applying conventional data acquisition methods as well as data loggers, in order to be able to quickly react to any negative changes of ground water quality.

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