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Drinking water treatment, AFM replaces sand in sand filters

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Drinking Water Treatment by AFM, 30% - 80 improvement in sand filter performance Cryptosporidium problem and THM's eliminated.

All sand filter will suffer to some degree from bacterial fouling. The alginates excreted by the bacteria cause coagulation of the sand grains which in turn leads to wormhole channeling of water through the filter bed. The worm holes provide a conduit for the passage of unfilterd water.

From WHO 6% of disease in Europe is related to Drinking Water. Of these infections 50% in caused by Cryptosporidium oocysts. Good sand filtration with precoagulation and flocculation is a very effective barrier to oocysts, but not if the filter suffers from wormhole channels. Simply by replacing the sand in standard sand filters with AFM ( Active Filter Media) biofouling and wormhole channelling is eliminated, thereby prveneting the passage of oocysts into the public water supplies.

By replacing the sand in pressure and RGF filters, AFM will improve the performance of sand filters by 30% to 80%.

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