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Driving sustainable investment decision making


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We help investors understand the economic consequences of natural capital dependency in order to identify risk and opportunity from growing natural resource pressures and increasing environmental regulation

Natural capital liabilities such as carbon, water, resource dependency, pollutants and waste are threatening the ability of our natural ecosystems to deliver economic growth. The impact is already being felt through volatile commodity prices linked to extreme weather events and natural resource constraints. Governments are also beginning to ask companies to internalize environmental costs through regulatory frameworks. We’ll help you navigate the complexities of natural capital investment factors with data, insight and tools that identify liabilities concealed within corporate value chains and help you integrate natural capital considerations in financial products and

Trucost’s Environmental Register provides the world’s most comprehensive natural capital data representing 93% of global markets by market capitalization. We also provide customized insight based on our environmental economics expertise. Key to our approach is that we not only measure natural capital risk in physical quantities, we also apply a financial value to provide an overarching metric for risk and opportunity analysis.

Our data is used by the world’s largest pension funds and leading financial institutions to enhance their investment processes – you can trust

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