Drosrite extensive on-site hot dross treatment tests


Courtesy of PyroGenesis Canada Inc.

DROSRITE is a salt-free process for the recovery of metal from dross. In addition to producing a salt-free residue, it does not produce any CO2 or NOx gases. The process is highly energy efficient, extracting heat from energy in the residue and, thus, it does not require an external heat source such as a plasma torch, an electric arc or a gas or oil burner.

A DROSRITE pilot unit built by PyroGenesis was used for an extensive series of 50 tests on the site of an aluminum smelter.. Hot dross, charged into the DROSRITE furnace, was treated without any external heat input (1, 3, 4, 5 and 6xxx alloys).

Results of this industrial trial are presented. The absolute metal recovery efficiency was found to be 94% on the average. The input dross metal content, determined for each of the 50 skimmings, was found to vary widely; it is proposed to use that knowledge to improve the skimming practices. The economic analysis is also presented.

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