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Drum & Tote Washing Wastewater Treatment

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55 Gallon Drum 275 Gallon Tote Washing Wastewater Test

Floccin™ 909 Treatment 100% Wastewater Reuse

This facility receives 55-gallon drums (plastic) and 275 gallon totes (plastic and SS) from several different industries and manufacturer’s including paint, oil field chemicals, acids, caustics, and others.

The RCRA regulated facility cleans the containers and returns them to the customer or grinds them up and recycles the plastic. The facility was using ferric and polymer with some success but recently received their 3rd metals violation for zinc. One more violation and the POTW was going to pull their discharge permit resulting in their shut down.

The sample from this washing operation was at a pH of 6.8 and using Floccin™ 909 quickly separated the solids from the water. The facility is purchasing (3) CFU-50’s for their three facilities and will reuse 100% of their water thereby not discharge water to the local POTW.

55 Gallon Drum Washing Wastewater Treatability Test Before & After Treatment


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