Drums, Tanks and Cans Elimination


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The environmental and legislative context

Due to the existing laws about waste, every sort of used industrial packaging has become a real 'ecological problem' for many companies. The legislative decree No. 22 dated February 5th 1997 regulates the handling of waste, dangerous waste, packaging and packing waste by settling precise procedures for their elimination and reutilization.

Considering the packaging and packaging waste quantity and dangerousness, the legislative decree finds its guideline in the promotion of prevention by a combined action in many fields. Obviously an earlier solution of the problem lies in the reduction in containers production and consumption and the improvement in the use of ecological technologies. This solution, paving the way for interesting prospects of technological development, is nevertheless not sufficient for the treatment of the already existing containers. This is a significant and imminent problem that needs immediate efficient and effective solutions. A significant step towards this direction is represented by the manufacturing of re-usable packages.

The chance to use the same containers more and more times necessarily leads to a reduction of costs to the advantage of all the actors involved in its life-cycle. On one side the social cost of packaging handling and elimination decreases; on the other side the purchase cost for the factories using them is lower.

In this contest, significant examples of reusable packing are plastic and iron drums as well as plastic tanks.

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