Dry mortar mixes - case study


Courtesy of AVA GmbH u. Co. KG

AVA mixers are used for the manufacture of numerous types of dry mortar.

Regardless of whether you are producing cement, exterior plaster or fine plaster and in plain white or coloured, a good mixing result and 100% repeatability is a must for all applications in the dry mortar industry. As frequent product and colour changes are common in the dry mortar industry, AVA’s HTC series batch mixers are used. The challenge for the mixer is to homogenize particle sizes from often just 0 – 8 mm with batch cycle times (loading / mixing / discharge) between 2 and 5 minutes with an extremely small variation coefficient.

Choppers can be integrated into the mixer drum in order to support the main agitator. These highspeed agitators ensure for additional dispersing of small components, especially for colour pigments, and for preventing agglomerates.

Special discharge flaps are used which open along the entire length of the mixer, serving to reduce discharge times and enabling a largely complete emptying of the batch mixer to be achieved, amounting to > 99.5% discharge.

As the raw materials used in the production of dry mortar mixtures are very abrasive and cause extremely high wear, the paddles of the AVA mixing blade and the knife blades of the chopper are equipped with a tungsten carbide coating in order to considerably increase durability.

Reliable continuous operation and high availability have made the AVA batch mixer into a dry mortar mixer that is in demand worldwide.

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