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DryVap SPE Concentration application notes


Courtesy of Horizon Technology, Inc.

Designed to emulate the traditional Kuderna-Danish (KD) method, the DryVap Concentrator System combines what were once manual steps into one automated process. Using a unique combination of vacuum, heat, and sparge gas, the DryVap Concentrator System rapidly evaporates and gently concentrates extractions down to a precise volume. 

The DryDisk Separation Membranes offer a much more efficient means of drying solvents in organic extractions than sodium sulfate. Because it is a physical separation rather than a chemical process to remove residual water from organic solvent extractions, DryDisk membranes eliminate the problems inherent with chemical drying such as: retention of water-soluble compounds, over-saturation, caking, oven drying, messy waste removal, and inability to handle emulsions. When used in combination with the DryVap system, the sample drying and concentration phase of the extraction process is a breeze.

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