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DSP-based fuzzy load controller for single phase self-excited induction generator

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This paper presents the design and implementation of a fuzzy logic-based load controller to regulate the voltage and frequency of single phase self-excited induction generator (SEIG), suitable for stand alone operation. The SEIG can be used to generate constant voltage and frequency if the load is maintained constant at its terminals. Moreover, under such operation, SEIG requires constant capacitance for excitation resulting in a fixed-point operation. For this purpose, a suitable control scheme is to be developed such that the load on the SEIG remains constant despite the change in the consumer load. A DSP-based fuzzy load controller has been developed based on equal time ratio control (ETRC) AC chopper controllable load which gives non-linear control with fast response and injects minimum harmonics in the system. The transient behaviour of DSP-based SEIG-fuzzy load controller system at different operating conditions such as application and removal of static (resistive and reactive) load is investigated.

Keywords: self-excited induction generator, SEIG, digital signal processor, DSP, load controller, fuzzy logic, equal time ratio control, ETRC

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