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DTRO Leachate Treatment Equipment


Jiarong highly effective DTRO system is specially designed for treatment of highly contaminated wastewater, such as leachate of pharmaceutical. This system functions independently and automatically. We have installed more than 300 such system worldwide with a remarkable reputation for quality and service.

Technical details:

  • Capacity: 50-200m³/d set

  • Feed Flow range(per module): 0.8-2m³/hr

  • pH range: 3-10 (2-13 when cleaning)

  • Pressure grade: 75bar, 90bar,120bar

  • Typical size: 8mx2.2mx3m


  • Using industrial membrane separation material, strong anti-pollution

  • Optimized design of membrane and hydraulic, anti-fouling

  • Low pre-treatment requirements, and the influent SDI can reach more than 20.

  • The system adopts integrated modular design with high degree of automotion.


  • landfill leachate treatment

  • Leachate concentrate

  • Desulfurization wastewater and coal chemical wastewater

  • High concentration of materials

  • Marine(mobile) seawater desalination

DTRO Leachate Treatment Equipment
DTRO Leachate Treatment Equipment

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