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Dubai labor camp not worried about water - Case study


Courtesy of BioMicrobics, Inc.

Installer: Jallad Environmental
Distributor: Clearbrook, Inc.

With water scarcity as a major concern for the MENA region, the need to reuse wastewater became a major focus for a project located in the labors camp region of Dubai. Consisting of a fluctuating occupancy (between 4,000 to 6,000 workers throughout the year), a decentralized wastewater system was determined to be the best course of action to treat and reuse the water for a Labor Camp Community in Dubai, UAE.

Engineered  by Clearbook, Inc.  and  installed by Jallad Environmental, they designed a system to treat all incoming water (influent) from the bathrooms, washrooms, and kitchen(s). The Bio-Microbics MicroFAST treatment system was selected, not only for its low-cost operation and maintenance, but also for its high quality treatment for water reuse opportunities. The entire system comprises of fourteen MicroFASP 9.0 to treat -500+ m3/d of wastewater a day. Because of the FAST system's flexible design, the units can be turned on or off as water flow (or occupancy) increases or decreases.

The MicroFAST, a fixed-film, aeration system, uses a combination of attached and suspended growth that nitrifies and denitrifies - all in a single tank. Organisms in the aerated media chamber digest the impurities: turning the wastewater into clear, odorless, high-quality effluent allowing discharging of the treated water back though to the bathrooms for flushing of the toilets - leaving the potable water resources untouched.

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With a worldwide emphasison environmental concerns and Trrfp'roving water quality, Bio-Microbics manufactures proven wastewater and storm water treatment systems for decentralized communities and commercial properties. Ideal for concrete, fiberglass, steel, or plastic tanks, the simple, pre-engineered, modular design of our popular FAST wastewater treatment systems deliver consistent high performance. Successfully used for over 35 years, the advanced FAST (Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment) technology is installed in municipal, industrial, marine, commercial and residential properties located around the globe. Easy to install and maintain, our advanced wastewater and stormwater treatment products help treat the world's water better.

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