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Due diligence and remedial cost estimation at a former car manufacturer


Courtesy of ESI Consulting Ltd

Client: Confidential

Location: Coventry, West Midlands, UK

Services: Due Diligence, Remedial Cost Estimation

Summary: ESI’s review and remedial cost estimation provided our client with reliable information on which to base decisions to sell on, or redevelop, a former car manufacturing site

ESI was commissioned to assist in the preparation of a Due Diligence study of the potential liabilities arising from the purchase and development of the former car manufacturing plant.

The site has a history of industrial use from the mid-20th Century and soil and groundwater are contaminated with a variety of organic substances, which include; solvents, mostly chlorinated hydrocarbons, and fuel and lubrication oils, mostly petroleum and diesel products.

The site is close to a protected waterway, towards which groundwater flows. The site is also within the catchment of one or more public water supply boreholes. These are potential receptors of onsite contamination.

Data from a previous site investigation was available to review for the purpose of this investigation, and with help from the Environment Agency and local authority, the data was analysed in order to produce a cost estimation of a number of scenarios optional to the landowner (including; renovate and sell on scenario and demolish and redevelop scenario).

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