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Due diligence for freehold purchase


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Client: Confidential

Location: Shropshire, UK

Services: Site investigation and contaminated land assessment, due diligence

Summary: A concrete-mixing operator wished to purchase the freehold of their site. ESI undertook site investigation and risk assessment as part of a due diligence exercise. Our report enabled finance for the purchase to be obtained, and the sale price to be negotiated in line with remediation requirements

ESI was appointed to perform a contaminated land assessment on an operational aggregate storage and transport depot in Shropshire.

The aim of the investigation was to provide a reasonable indication as to the likely range of contaminants present within subsurface soil and groundwater across the site, the concentration and spatial distribution of contamination, and also the likely risks posed to both human health and controlled waters from observed contaminant sources.

A Phase 1 desk study was used to formulate a conceptual understanding of possible contaminant sources, pathways and receptors, and to inform a targeted site investigation design.

Following this, Phase 2 intrusive investigations, including trial pitting, window sampling and surface water sampling were undertaken which revealed local hydrocarbon contamination associated with former fuel oil storage tanks.

Potential pollutant linkages were assessed to identify those which may pose potential risks to key receptors, including human health and local controlled waters. The site investigation data indicated that petroleum hydrocarbons are widespread in soils, but at low concentrations that would not cause harm to the health of site occupants under the current site use.

The highest concentrations of hydrocarbons were detected close to a diesel storage tank to the south of the site, and these data in combination with observations during site investigations indicated that diesel had leaked to the subsurface in this area.

Human health and controlled waters risk assessments identified the need for localized remediation at the site. ESI were able to outline methods and costs for appropriate remediation of sub surface soils.

ESI is recognised as a UK centre of excellence for land quality assessment, and is contracted by both public and private organisations to carry out similar work.

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