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Duffin Creek WPCP Evaluation of Biosolids Management Strategies


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The Duffin Creek Water Pollution Control Plant (WPCP) is a conventional activated sludge facility that provides treatment for wastewater from the Regional Municipality of York and Regional Municipality of Durham. The Duffin Creek WPCP has a rated capacity for an average day flow of 364,000 m3/d (80 MIGD). A number of previous studies at the facility have identified that the potential exists for increasing the rated capacity. XCG Consultants, EnviroSim Associates Ltd., and MacViro Consultants Inc. were retained to undertake an Optimization and Capacity Assessment Study of the
Duffin Creek WPCP. An evaluation of biosolids management strategies was conducted as part of this study.
Based on a computer simulation model of the Duffin Creek WPCP along with traditional desk-top evaluation tools, incineration was identified as the capacity limiting process in the solids train. With modifications to address the liquid train and solids train capacity limitations, it was estimated that capacity at the Duffin Creek WPCP could be increased to average day flows of 420,000 m3/d (91.5 MIGD), or approximately 15% greater than the current rated capacity.

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