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Dust collection system captures fugitive dust, ensures OSHA compliance case study


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West Coast Cosmetics, Chatsworth, Calif., a contract filler and private label house, manufactures and packages custom cosmetic products such as eye shadow, blush, mascara, lipstick, foundation, and others. In spring 2003, OSHA inspected the company’s plant and told the company it needed to install a dust collection system to remove fugitive dust from the plant’s compounding and filling rooms. To comply with OSHA’s requirements, the company worked with a local manufacturers’ rep to design and install a new dust collection system.

Experiencing problems with fugitive dust

When making a custom cosmetic product, the company first blends the various required powder ingredients in a small mixer in the compounding room. The finished blend is moved to the filling room where it’s packaged in small containers that are put into large boxes and shipped to the customer.

In the past, operators in these rooms wore masks and other protective clothing to guard against the fugitive dust generated during the mixing and filling processes. A small quantity of dust would settle onto the equipment, tabletops, and floors, accumulating overnight. In the morning, the operators would sweep it up before starting their shift. Then, a little more than 4 years ago, OSHA inspected the plant and found these dust-protection and -removal methods insufficient. To remedy the problem, OSHA told the company to install a dust collection system to remove the fugitive dust from the rooms as it was generated.

“OSHA told us that we needed to provide a completely dust-free working environment for the workers in the compounding and filling rooms,” says Keith Anderson, West Coast Cosmetics plant manager. “So we began looking for an efficient dust collection system that would suck up the fugitive dust and take it out of the rooms, allowing us to meet the state’s air-quality and worker-safety standards.”

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